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[Post New]by Alternator on Jun 3, 12 7:06 PM
Has anyone beaten a total of 22,813,190. My grandson is 10 and would like to know if anyone has a higher toal score

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Re:Score total

[Post New]by sciencegal on Feb 5, 13 10:01 AM
I hesitated to answer this post simply because I didnt want a 10 year old to feel bad. I am absolutely addicted to this fun little game and, believe me, I am no where near 10. :o) This is a game that you can just sit down and play and have a good ol' time. I play some of the sections almost every day just to have a calm moment and have a little fun. My lowest score is 25,617,232. My highest score is 27,343,819. I found that if you have enough patience to wait around for one of the characters to glow and you can receive more keys, then you have a higher score. I dont know a 10 year old that is that patient, frankly. His 22 million plus is a great score if he just played through the game without waiting for more keys and power ups. Just tell him my little trick and if he is so inclined, he might just beat my high score. Also, tell him good luck from me!!

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