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ketchup & mustard and blue mark

[Post New]by aisfuh on Jun 4, 12 10:16 PM
how do you get ketchup and mustard and what is the blue mark in the middle of the ketchup & mustard I looked all through the help section and no advice as to get it except for ketchup. please help.


Re:ketchup & mustard and blue mark

[Post New]by mm0129 on Jun 5, 12 5:37 PM
Mustard? I just finished the game and I didnt see any mustard at all..All the burgers i did in the whole game where with ketchup. Hmmm I still have so many questions on this game..I've never played a game where I didnt know how to use special power ups,this one seemed kind of a non convinient way to use d upgrades..


Re:ketchup & mustard and blue mark

[Post New]by lesleyvance501 on Aug 12, 13 12:48 AM
I think the mustard is actually fire and it means the burger is hot. It will disappear if you take it off the oven after a while. I never saw a blue mark.


Re:ketchup & mustard and blue mark

[Post New]by Theshoelady7 on Feb 9, 14 5:19 PM
The special power ups occur randomly except for the coffee machine.

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