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I give up

[Post New]by lovetoocraft on Jun 6, 12 8:16 PM
For the hour I was able to play, I did enjoy the game, however, I had a very hard time trying to figure out where to go. I got as far as seeing the seagull next to the boat and was able to give the gull the fish.

From there...could not figure out where to go. The map had no new places marked and the places already on the map all tell me the items have all been found.

As much as I would enjoy playing this game, without a WT...I am dead in the water.

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Re:I give up

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Jun 12, 12 2:17 PM
Hi lovetoocraft,

I'm sorry this game is being so tricky. For me, when I played through this part what I had to do was give the fish to the Sea Gull. He'll move and that will reveal a man and woman standing on a boat. Then I had to click on them to take a picture of them. Once I did that a new area appeared on my map (a BANK)).

I hope this helps!


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