path to santorini--Jewl Quest -The sapphire dragon

[Post New]by nwryph on Jun 6, 12 9:05 PM
I cannot get this evasion board they only go half way up.
got any advice-- nwryph--wendy

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Re:path to santorini--Jewl Quest -The sapphire dragon

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Jun 7, 12 2:00 AM
Hi nwryph,

Welcome to the pond!

I took a look around for you and found this tip on the Forums:

I haven't gotten this far yet but the last JQ game (The Sleepless Star) had evasion boards too. If Sapphire Dragon is using the same type of play, there will be one or more enemy jewels moving their way up the board and if one gets all the way to the top you lose. If there's silver token pieces with stick figures coming out, match 3 of those for a special move. Then if an enemy jewel is too high up on the board for your liking, click on the Special box and then click the enemy jewel and that makes the enemy jewel go all the way back to the bottom. Turn the rest of the board gold before an enemy reaches the top to win. If there are a lot of enemies on the board you're probably just going to have to go fast because it'll be hard to get a lot of specials to control an enemy "mob". There's a trophy to win if you can do an evasion board without using any specials. Good luck!

Edit: what was called "Special" in Sleepless Star is called "Evade" here and the box to click is near the bottom left of the game screen. The silver token stick figure pieces appear in Sapphire Dragon too, so the strategy above works for controlling the enemy jewels.

Evade Board

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Re:path to santorini--Jewl Quest -The sapphire dragon

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jun 7, 12 4:46 PM
Hi Wendy, I saw your other 2 threads about the expansion board in Path to Santorini and wanted to let you know that I posted tips for that in another thread called "expansion board" in this forum. The tips are about halfway down the first page of replies. As for the Santorini evasion board, there's tips in 2 threads, "The evasion board" and "Evade Board". It's a tricky one for sure...good luck!


Re:path to santorini--Jewl Quest -The sapphire dragon

[Post New]by nwryph on Jun 7, 12 9:09 PM
thanks for all the help to rhone and synthope--
this evasion board is the worst and I am not fast

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