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stuck again

[Post New]by mom240 on Jun 7, 12 12:52 AM
can anyone tell where I can find the newspaper for the pantry door and the card for the bank as I cannot go any further until I find those two items

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Re:stuck again

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Jun 12, 12 2:14 PM
Hi mom240,

I haven't gotten to the newspaper yet - so another Fishie may be able to help with that. However here is how I found the card for the bank:


1. From the bank, put your cursor near the bottom of your screen, near the inventory.
2. Little feet will appear. Click that to enter a Cafe
3. Click the magnifiying glass and play the HOS
4. You'll get tweezers
5. Click the map and go back to the Bank
6. Click to zoom in on the plant in the bottom left
7. Use the tweezers to get the pin stuck in the dirt.
8. Walk back to the CAFÉ
9. Click and zoom in on the door on the right
10. Use the pin to unlock it
11. Use the lightbulb to light up the area
12. Click to collect the brush in the bottom right
13. Back in the café, click to zoom in on the broken dish on the floor (just under the pastry window)
14. Use the brush to clean it up
15. Click to collect the money card


I hope this helps you progress further! Good



Re:stuck again

[Post New]by xjaymexmariex on Aug 19, 12 12:20 AM
im having trouble with the code on the laptop in the restaurant, it wont let me put anything in and someone said something about dust and i have no clue where to find that.. its so frustrating,,


Re:stuck again

[Post New]by ncsandyb on Nov 22, 13 6:28 PM
can't get pass the dog

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