Key locations (SPOILER)

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Hello fellow pickers, as the other threads get to chaotic I will try to post my notes regarding the key positions:

I split every location into it's secondary (Sublocation) locations and the tertiary (Subsublocation) ones which are found within the seconday locations. I provided more detailed information If i considered it necessary. All positions are oriented from center of the screen.

I have the steam version, I am not aware of any differences between the distributed versions.

Location Sublocation / Key Subsublocations / Key
Ray Akins Bus
1. At the side of the bus
2. Front of the bus -> On the bumper
3. Letterbox -> Upper left corner
4. Luggage space -> Upper right corner
5. Inside the bus -> On the pin bord left of the spur
6. -> Backseats right -> centre top
7. -> Backseats left -> bottom right

Carlisle Antique Shop
8. Lower right of the store sign
9. Right side behind the bench -> Centre bottom
10. Left side window behind canon -> Right side at the pillar
11. Inside the shop on the second lamp from right side
12. -> The shelves behind the encounter -> Lower left corner
13. -> Next to the statue on the left -> centre on the statue

The Lizzie davis home
14. Centre top at the front
15. Garage left side of the broken car -> Left of the bricks
16. The balcony -> Upper right corner
17. In the centre next to the piano -> Upper right on the back of the piano
18. Cellar -> Left of the pillar


Key locations II

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Miller Storage
19. Above the first halogeen lamp
20. On the right behind the desk -> Sticking in the drawer
21. In the first store room on the right -> Bottom centre on the box
22. Behind the tires on the left -> Printed on the gas bottle
23. End of the Storage -> On the left side of the right blue door
24. -> On the right side of the HO Game -> Lower left corner below the typewriter
25. -> Above the red barrels -> Printed on the box on the

H.R. Salvage
26. Telegraph post on the very right
27. The two taxis on the right side -> On the bumper of the upper taxi
28. The taxi on the crane -> On the front grill
29. The bulldozer shovel on the left -> Lower left corner
30. The centre trash heap -> On the ladder above the HO Game
31. -> The barrel in front of the hut -> Upper left on the fence
32. -> The boat -> Lower centre

Baxter Barn
33. On the centre of the upper door
34. On the back of the truck -> On the white fence
35. Centre behind the right Haypile -> On the very right
36. In the wooden box on the left -> Big upper left
37. Inside the barn -> On the wooden beam on the upper left
38. -> Haypile on the right -> Wooden beam upper left corner

The Broderick Fagin House
39. Centre over the window
40. The table in front of the window -> On the book in the upper left
41. The box in the central front -> The lower left corner on the box
42. Celler -> Above the central shelf next to stairs
43. -> Behind the stairs -> Centre
44. -> Centre top shelf -> Centre on the stool leg

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Key locations III

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McGuire's Gas Station
45. Above the red lamp on the right side
46. The pump station -> On the barrels on the right
47. Behind the barrels on the left -> Upper left on the bench
48. Front grill of the truck -> Centre on the right in the grill
49. Inside -> On the ceiling next to the fan
50. -> The shelves on the right side -> Upper left corner
51. -> Centre on the encounter -> In the flowerpot in the upper right corner

Thaddeus Clark's Smalltown Antiques
52. Above the red lamp in the middle
53. Sevice cart in the middle -> Lower left corner
54. Backroom -> Above the red lamp on the left

Patrick Merman's Apartment
55. Above the comic room on the right
56. Backroom -> On top of the right shelf on the boxes

Esther Dowdy's Home
57. In the central part of the wooden stairs
58. The attic -> Central wooden beam on the top

Sharp Warehouse
59. On the smoke stack of the hangar
60. Inside the hangar -> Above the window

Congratulation you managed to get your hands to all keys hidden throughout the game. I had to make multiple playthroughs until i figured out it would be best to make notes. I hope this list helped to find the "last" missing key(s).

Kind regards,

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