Trophy and painting questions

[Post New]by OrionsRose on Jun 7, 12 11:27 PM
While I find the whole idea of buying yourself the trophies a bit strange I'm still curious are there actually enough coins to find in the SE to buy all the available trophies? Has anyone playing the SE actually been able to buy them all or do you only get enough of them if you got the CE with the bonus chapter?

Also, there were several more paintings surrounding the one of the boy, before looking at a walkthrough I stupidly assumed you got to play all of them so I was quite surprised when it ended at just 5. I knew there was lots of debate about this SE feeling really cut off but I still thought the paintings you're shown in the main page would be what you got to play. Are these all the ones you get as bonus in the CE because I thought from reading reviews that there was only 1 bonus chapter.

I find the presentation of this game in these trophy and painting regards a bit misleading and disappointing but the game was still nice.

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