level 60 help!!!

[Post New]by jll212 on Jun 8, 12 9:47 AM
I can't seem to get all of the supplies and seeds needed to complete everything in 37 days.


Re:level 60 help!!!

[Post New]by lesleyvance501 on Jun 13, 12 11:10 PM
I built the factory immediately while upgrading men to seven. You should still have 10,000 left over to make 2000 wood and two villas (I left the three lots at the front for seeds and wood). I built the third villa, then I bought a couple of cars all the while increasing men to thirteen. I built a second factory in one of the front slots and the last villa and bought all the cars. Then I sent all the men I could to the crane while making as much wood as possible. You should have enough men for seven at the crane, three at the factories and three to put one star on each villa. Then build your greenhouse, tear down one factory and build a second greenhouse and, as soon as you are done with the crane tear down the last factory and build a third greenhouse. You should have the crane built by about day 23. Hope this helps.


Re:level 60 help!!!

[Post New]by metaldogsg on Jun 29, 12 10:09 PM
I did it with 13, one villa upgraded to 3 stars and one villa upgraded to 2 stars. The bottom lots were used for 2 factories and 1 greenhouse and later, the factories were demolished and replaced with greenhouses.

I think the key is starting with 5 men, build the 2 villas as quickly as possible and then upgrading whenever you have enough parts to upgrade. You should start building the crane as you are almost finished with the last upgrade. You should keep buying men, the second factory and greenhouse around the same time as you are starting on the crane. Make sure you buy ALL the cars.

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