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Level 20

[Post New]by Cjb58 on Jun 8, 12 4:02 PM
I have been playing this level for hrs. I cannot finish it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re:Level 20

[Post New]by stilldixon on Jun 8, 12 4:45 PM
I went back and looked. I think I built things at the first that I quickly sold. Probably after the first one, I build a fairy toadstool and upped their speed. Oh, and harvested just enough to do the above before doing the above. I build the required houses across the middle. You have to enchant them right? I waited to do that. Since rent is not a requirement, to get the big money at the end, you can sell everything except the requirements. If this does not help (oh, and build a materials thingie pretty soon to save you the money on materials.)

If this does not help, message me and I will play the level again and make notes of what I did.

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Re:Level 20

[Post New]by wndf on Jun 9, 12 5:09 AM
Here is what I did (and I finished with plenty of 'blue time' left):

1. Harvest 1 tree for materials.
2. Build a treehouse.
3. Harvest 2 more trees for materials. In the mean time, sell your treehouse.
4. Build a toadstool. Buy 6 more fairies as soon as it is finished.
5. Harvest trees for money and build two more treehouses.
6. Sell the treehouses.
7. Buy trees and cheap houses and harvest for money/demolish.
8. Buy about 15,000 materials and start building the 5 cottages.
9. Paint, enchant and protect the cottages.
10. I don't remember excactly - perhaps you have to build one more treehouse and sell it to reach the 120,000 money goal. In the end you have built and sold 3 or 4 treehouses.

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