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Level 21

[Post New]by RickWorr on Jun 9, 12 10:18 AM
Any suggestions to win this level? I can't get it done in time


Re:Level 21

[Post New]by NURSIEDAWN on Jun 9, 12 11:45 AM
I can't either I keep running out of time way before all the gingerbreads are demolished.

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Re:Level 21

[Post New]by wndf on Jun 10, 12 1:41 AM
1. Sell your gingerbread house.
2. With the money, buy 500 materials and build a dwarves foundry on a mystic spot. In the mean time, buy two more fairies.
3. When the foundry is done, buy 5,000 materials, demolish the cottages and build 2 treehouses. When possible, buy the empty spots when offered. Build 2 more treehouses so you have 4.

- make sure you leave two spots in between houses for 2 gazebos of love, so in such a way that the gazebo's affect two houses each. It is best to have built the gazebos before you have demolished all gingerbread houses, but in the end I think I built one den at a gingerbread spot next to a gazebo to get the charm -

4. Start collecting rent to buy 5,000 materials (when trees are offered for sale, buy them, however, and harvest them for gold). Start building 3 manors.
5. Buy the trees on the mystic spot as soon as possible. Harvest them for gold and build a toadstool.
6. Speed up your fairies at the toadstool, buy 3 fairies, and start protecting your houses.
7. Now, start collecting rent. When a gingerbread house is for sale, put three of you your own houses up for sale and low ball the gingerbread house. It worked for me all the time and saved me some money. Don't forget to unlist your houses immediately after the buy and be careful not to accidentally actually sell one of your houses.
8. Wait as long as possible before you demolish the gingerbreads. Of course, you need to demolish some to build your manors, but keep the rest until you have bought them all.
9. Build your 2 gazebos. Paint five houses (the threehouses and manors, of course). Perhaps you need to buy some materials (500 should be enough).
10. Collect rent, low ball the gingerbreads. When you have about enough to buy the last gingerbread, start demolishing them and wait to buy the last one; demolish that one too.

This should give you an expert time finish.

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Re:Level 21

[Post New]by Waazzaa on Jun 10, 12 7:42 AM
Thank you Wndf!!!! That did the trick and I was FINALLY able to complete this level!!!


Re:Level 21

[Post New]by misformichelle on Jun 16, 12 8:41 AM
Thank YOU! I couldn't get expert yet but I didn't care. Finally passed the darn thing!


Re:Level 21

[Post New]by itsjustbarb on Mar 20, 13 3:23 PM
THANK YOU WNDF! I've tried level 21 for about a week and couldn't finish until I read your post! It's my only non-expert level so far but I'll happily take it just to finish and move on!

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