Ipad version - Chapter 9 (New World)

[Post New]by canadiana1ca on Jun 9, 12 10:25 PM
Help I can't get the blowtorch (welder) to weld the piece of metal on the machine so it won't let the steam out. I keep dragging the blowtorch close to the piece of metal but it doesn't do anything. Do I need to ignite the blowtorch first?


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Re:Ipad version - Chapter 9 (New World)

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Jun 12, 12 7:16 AM
Hi canadiana1ca,

I took a look around and it looks like I was able to find these tips in our walkthrough that might help!

Place the WHEEL on the bicycle (Q).
Press the button to turn on the machine ( R).
Place the PATCH on the hole (S).
Use the WELDER on the patch (T).
Enter the building.

Here's a screenshot of this scene:


If a game has a walkthrough, it will be located at the top of the Forum.

Good luck and happy gaming!


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