The Crop Circles Mystery putting cap back on

[Post New]by Dorothyc9 on Jun 10, 12 6:06 AM
Cannot seem to put the cap back onto the generator at Area S1. Can anyone help please?

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Re:The Crop Circles Mystery putting cap back on

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Jun 15, 12 6:00 AM
Hi Dorothyc9,

I took a look around and it looks like I was able to find these tips in our walkthrough that might help!

You will also need to find the PULL CHORD, in order to start the generator.
Use the FUNNEL on the top of the generator and then use the FUEL TANK on that.
The FUNNEL will disappear. Put the CAP on the gas tank and attach the PULL CHORD to the front of the generator.

Here's a screenshot of this scene:


If a game has a walkthrough, it will be located at the top of the Forum.

If that didn't help, try disabling the custom cursor from the Options menu in case the game is a little iffy in regards to cursor positioning.

Good luck and happy gaming!


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