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Please Help! I'm Starting Level 43 w/Less Seeds.............

[Post New]by Mkd69 on Jun 11, 12 10:40 PM
How do I get my seeds back? It has been impossible to complete this level (43) in record time. My start out seeds are 455, Should be 755. How do I get it to reset back to the 755? This may be embarrassing, but I've been trying to beat this level for over a week now continuously at 6+hrs a night. I can't beat it!!!!!! Why is it so hard to get Gold? Jeesh... I hope I don't have to start this entire game over from Level 1?
*BTW I have Mac Version of this game.

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Re:Please Help! I'm Starting Level 43 w/Less Seeds.............

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Jun 12, 12 7:46 AM
Mkd69, I'm not totally sure about the required amount of seeds, but I did find a walkthrough for this level that may help:

1. Build 1000 Wood - keep that going whenever possible!
2. Repair broken villa
3. Lower right corner - build villa, immediately upgrade.
4. Buy worker.
5. Make another 1000 wood.
6. While waiting for wood, demolish tree.
7. Build another villa
8. Make more wood,
9. Build 4th Villa
10. Keep sawmill going CONSTANTLY!
11. As mats allow upgrade villas till you have two 2stars and two 3stars
12. Keep buying workers till 10/11
13. Buy Parking spaces as you have cash
14. DURING all this keep a worker heading for the greenhouse 4 times till you can build 2 fruit trees.
15. Once you ahve enough eco demolish greenhouse and build a volleyball court.
16. You should have enough wood to build ONE bridge to the pool.
17. You need one last load of wood to upgrade 3rd villa to 3 stars - i left the nearest one for that.
18. While upgrading the villa, send workers to pool and court and host events.

Stuck on 43

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I hope this helps, and happy gaming!


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Re:Please Help! I'm Starting Level 43 w/Less Seeds.............

[Post New]by Mkd69 on Jun 13, 12 1:11 AM
Thank you for the advice.... Although after reading all of the posts mentioning eco points and yatt-yatta, I realized that my score must've been effected in the previous levels because I had shot some animals, which caused me to have less of everything to start with at these higher levels. So... needless to say, I've started the game all over again and caught back up to this level (43) in just 1 days time. I'm also playing the Casual Mode, not sure if I was playing this mode before, but there is a Challenge Mode, it kind of seems like there are more days to accomplish the tasks. (???)

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