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[Post New]by cmlc on Jun 12, 12 6:16 PM
Supposed to look closely at lanterns floating down canal...I have, but never find anything. HELP PLEASE.

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[Post New]by bfgRhone on Jun 13, 12 6:32 AM
Hi cmlc,

I took a look around and it looks like I was able to find these tips in our walkthrough that might help!

Light the CANDLES with the FIRECRACKER on the left.
Go back to the previous scene by clicking below the bridge.
Flip the switch in the upper right to fill up the canal; click on the boat in the water.
Activate the Magic Glasses and click on the BLUE LANTERN floating in the canal.
Place the BURNING CANDLES on the blue lantern and pick up the last EMPEROR’S SEAL fragment.
Click on the boat.
Click on the switch to drain the water and exit.
Place the EMPEROR’S SEAL on the door in the lower right; go through it.

Here's a screenshot of this scene:


If a game has a walkthrough, it will be located at the top of the Forum.

Good luck and happy gaming!


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