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[Post New]by MEnr56 on Jun 16, 12 8:11 AM

During the "championship matches" I came upon 2 levels in which there were 2 keyholes. I found the key to one of them and continued and PRESUMED that the other key was under the stack of cards blocked by the other keyhole and I'd just unlocked the wrong keyhole.

On the next level, again 2 keyholes BUT 1 key; huh? I did, however, discover that you CAN combine the 2 keyholes and thus remove them from the playing field.

The reason why this level is unwinable is because of the fact that the game will NOT recognize the fact that ALL cards have been successfully removed from the playing field leaving only the key.

The game will then ask you if you want to REPLAY the level; why would I want to? I'd end up with the same result -- 2 keyholes, match them up and remove from playing field, play all cards and LEAVE the key.

Due to the fact that the key was the ONLY REMAINING card on the playing field and I said: "go to next level", the game informed me that I'd LOST that level but did move onto the next level.

How could I have LOST the level? There was NOTHING to use the key on; nor was there any keyhole card in the shuffled deck

Wondering how everyone else played this level...


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