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[Post New]by MEnr56 on Jun 16, 12 9:03 AM

On your bottom left side you've got a clipboard with 2 large yellow tags (one is named UNDO and the other MATCHES) and these 2 yellow tags are completely side by side of the clipboard and each other with no spaces in between.

Towards the end of the game, while looking at the playing field and trying to figure out my next move, 2 cards started pulsating. The one card was amongst the layed out deck but the other was BEHIND the UNDO yellow tag with just enough showing that it was clickable.

HOWEVER, on the last level of the game (or maybe it was next to the last level) AGAIN I've got 1 card (an ace to be specific) behind the UNDO yellow tag with NO protrusion whatsoever; even when it pulsates, it does not come up high enough to be able to successfully click on it.

If you have ANY playable cards (including your wild cards) in your arsenal that this game wants, you HAVE to play all of them in order to complete and END the level.

While sitting here looking at the playing field with the 2 aces the only cards left to be played and wondering how to do it, I noticed that the UNDO card had been placed SLIGHTLY away from the clipboard and so I clicked on the area BETWEEN these 2 (the clipboard and the UNDO yellow tag) and was successful in completing the level.

I've a new monitor (17 or 19", don't remember) but it's not the square type that I used to have -- it's a widescreen. There are at times when I REALLY would like to have my square one back but I don't like peripherals sitting all over my desk and so my speakers are inside the monitor; it doesn't leave room for any of my to sit on the desk and so I had to buy this type. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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