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the broken clues are really broken

[Post New]by nanastell on Feb 2, 09 10:55 PM
This terrible right from trying to download the trial.I have been a member for a year now and never really had many things I felt I needed to post. As the saying goes this one takes the cake.Can't open the 60 min trial upper part of screen is dark lower half is a cross between pixels and hashed up muti colored horizontal lines. I had no sound no cursor screen froze did the ctrl,alt,delete it screwed up my task manager finally had to boot my computer. I uninstalled then reinstalled only to have the same thing happen again. Have removed the game and keeping my fingers crossed that this game didn't leave any bugs behind. My opinion dont waste your time or money. We really need a desent HO game.Thanks for letting me vent I was really looking forward to play a new HO game.Nanstell
P.S. everything has been checked out on my computer.BF has the specs on my computer. All drivers are up to date video card is updated Dx, active x has been check and every other x you can think of has been checked.

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Re:the broken clues are really broken

[Post New]by johnmic on Feb 3, 09 2:42 AM
I just finished 50 levels of this game, it some what difficult but very intresting when moves on to the next levels...............


Re:the broken clues are really broken

[Post New]by 05021982 on Feb 3, 09 12:29 PM
I can't open the game either. Just shows a broken/pixelated mess of pinks and purples and hides the cursor. The only option is to shut down the program.

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