rose garden help...

[Post New]by woodyjj on Feb 3, 09 5:33 AM
I am in 4-2 and need help with the beetels. I know to up grade my bug spray but i cant get the second statue paid for before time runs out. does any one know how to do this?
thnk you


Re:rose garden help...

[Post New]by happyhomegirl on Sep 18, 10 2:04 PM
Did you ever figure it out? I'm on level 4-2 and I keep comging back to see if I can get past this level but so far I can't. I have tried just killing the beetles, I have tried growing some plants but I get the first statue built at the end with no time at all to finish the second statue. I see that people have played past this level so it isn't a glitch like I thought it might be. Any help would be appreciated!


Re:rose garden help...

[Post New]by dhswails57 on Nov 23, 11 9:24 AM
this one is actually easy once you know how, start by killing beetles while getting rid of the rocks, when you are down to 1 or 2 beetles, start planting the small yellow flowers, buy and plant them as fast as you can, upgrade your spade twice, and buy another bug spray if you need it, when you have too many to water, buy the rain spell, (only when you need it) you won't have to completely fill the garden before you have all the points you need, and then some!

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