June 19 2012 Daily Deal :-)

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Jun 19, 12 2:11 PM
OMG...for 2.99 this was an absolute STEAL, I can't believe I missed this game, it was totally, so much FUN to play!!

I would consider this a sleeper, because it really gets good, after the demo time, so I was quite surprised after purchasing it, it was like a parfeit dessert, each layer got better and better, as I continued .
It wasn't what I expected at all, because during the demo, its dark, which is par for the course I guess, since your in a cemetary..lol, but feeding the birds the worms, should have, clued me in, that this was going to be something special .

And special is what this game is, the graphics were SUPERB, as well as the artwork, lots of those WOW moments, with each new scene ( different wives ) all having their own, spectacular feast for the eye's, graphics.
It turned into a magical fantasy land going through the different portals, which is my favorite, thing to do, I just got lost in the visuals.
But it doesn't stop there, the puzzles and mini's, are ORIGINAL, so well thought out, and a TON of fun, to do, I ENJOYED all of them, which is rare, WTG Vogat Interactive !!

Yes the H0 scenes, had one challenging item, in each scene, for me, that was a bit of a challenge to find, but I liked it, the artwork was so good in them, not your usual items to find, which also made this game stand out, so spending time looking around, was just fine, by me ..lol.
There was a lot going on, so trying to remember, were everything was, was an adventure in itself, but I have to give it to these developers, they didn't have you running a country block, back and forth, just to get one item, so this really was a HUGE bonus, THANKS developers, this is another reason why I LOVED your game.
I am not a fan of going through 20 pair of sneakers, to be honest, those type of games, bore me to tears, and are just tediuos, not fun, so not having to that in this game, was a breath of fresh air ..

Please make sure your next game, has the magical qualitys, this one has, and the portals, LOVED those .
The story was great, loved how it all tied together, would have liked a bigger climax, at the ending though, it was a bit abrupt, should have had more drama, after all of that work ..just saying .
I am a fan of Vogat Interactive, have enjoyed all of your games, thus far, and am ready for a new one, so get busy, your fans are waiting .

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