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Todays DD June 20 2012

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Jun 20, 12 12:06 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Todays DD June 20 2012

[Post New]by JayTeeLine on Jun 20, 12 6:57 AM
Played part of the demo, and for 2.99 I think I'll go back and buy it before it gets away. Pretty and pleasant little game, plus the music is soft, sweet, beautiful and sooo relaxing.

And even though I can hardly keep my eyes open after playing this delightful, soothing 'quiet time' game -- I have a smile on my face. NOT a bad thing for those of us always looking to destress.

I am constantly looking for a game to play right before bedtime that will take me to a warm and fuzzy place, and this is it for me. Plus as today's DD, it is at a price that will make me feel I have made a very good choice.!!! Pleasant dreams fellow fishies.....I am off to snooze a bit.

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Re:Todays DD June 20 2012

[Post New]by dlk_shades on Jun 20, 12 7:10 AM
BUY BUY !!!! It is so much fun I bought it when it came and loved it then. It got lost in my collection of games, found it and am now playing it again. I love the rothating board - can other Devs do this option?

Yes it is a simple match3 game, but it is a game to relax with. Can't tell about the music since I always play with it turned off - I need to keep track of things around my household. I always play relaxed since I need that to relax me after a wild day at work.

There is the usual power ups, but I rarely use them since because of the board turning. The figures are cute - love the little doll

Try the demo and have some different match 3 fun.

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Re:Todays DD June 20 2012

[Post New]by joyce2121 on Jun 20, 12 9:13 AM
Bought it before finishing the demo because it's one of those
"comfy" Match 3s I just love to have tucked away to play
a few levels for relaxation in between the HOPAs.

Don't know how I missed it before, but really pleased
to get it at this price.

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