Expert level 7?

[Post New]by Paris1029 on Jun 20, 12 7:17 AM
Hi guys,

i am stuck on the manor level! i place all my manors up to level 3 and all 8 have the entchanted spell, however I cant get them to the rent level of 10,000?

any ideas and help would be appreciated! x


Re:Expert level 7?

[Post New]by diana_j on Jun 23, 12 9:57 AM

I got gold with a bit of time to spare. Harvested all lots for materials. Built a gingerbread house and sold it. Bought materials and had a total of 8 fairies. Began building mansions as well as a toadstool and cauldron. Built 6 mansions upgrading all of them to 3 stars then decorated, enchanted, gilded, painted and protected them. Demolished the toadstool and cauldron and built 2 more mansions and upgraded to 3 stars(no painting needed). Bought back the gingerbread house when it became available, demolished it and built 3 star mansion. Good luck!


Re:Expert level 7?

[Post New]by sweetmedium1962 on Jun 23, 12 9:48 PM
To get your rent to 10,000 gold, you have to get an 8th manor to three stars.

I don't remember the exact steps since it's been a few days since I beat the level in gold time. Anyway...

-I know I started off building a Gingerbread house and selling it once I had the materials and workers.

-I had a Toadstool and Foundry on two lots with "Fast Fairies".

-Don't exactly remember what I did next, but I eventually got the point where I had two Towers fully upgraded, painted, decorated, gilded, and enchanted.

-Started building four manors and eventually a fifth once I was able to buy back my Gingerbread house. Fully upgraded all five houses: paint, gild, decorate, enchant.

-Tore down my two towers, built two more manors, and fully upgraded those.

-Tore down the lot with the foundry (make sure you have sufficient materials), built an 8th manor, upgraded it to three stars, painted, and decorated it.

-Tore down the Toadstool, and built the 9th manor, which put my rent over 10,000 gold.

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Re:Expert level 7?

[Post New]by rubylace66 on Oct 26, 12 4:21 PM
what builds a houses rent up...i thought it was just upgrading them...does painting and enchanting help

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Re:Expert level 7?

[Post New]by ricoblade on Oct 27, 12 1:51 AM
Hi - Painting and Enchanting make both rent and value go up, Decorating makes just rent go up and Gilding makes just value go up.


Re:Expert level 7?

[Post New]by GamesRUs on Apr 22, 14 5:31 PM
Hi - if you Decorate 6 houses together with gild and Enchant you will make it fine

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