second totem

[Post New]by Ladyinredin96 on Jun 21, 12 9:04 AM
i am looking for the second totem, and all i can find is locked.

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Re: second totem

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Jun 21, 12 11:27 AM
Hi Ladyinredin96,

I haven't played through this game myself, but I checked the Many Years Ago Walkthrough and this is what I found about the second totem:

Task 15: Build the second Totem

- The second totem spot is beside the water tower.

- You need six gems to build it. These gems will be lying around on the ground, especially by the first Totem. Use your main character to build this alone, while your other tribe’s people work on collecting materials and food.

- After building the second Totem, a new mini-game will be unlocked.

- Play the first few levels of this game to get XP to upgrade your tribe’s skills. You should be able to max one attribute for each member.

And here's a screenshot of that part of the game: Second Totem

(You can click the blue text above to go right to that screenshot or the full walkthrough.)

I hope this helps!


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