Margrave Manor

[Post New]by taylorsnan3 on Jun 24, 12 11:23 AM
I stopped my game and when i went to resume all it shows is the wooden backdrop for the letters I can't get out of there. What do I do?

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Re:Margrave Manor

[Post New]by lyrialice on Jun 24, 12 12:25 PM
Hi taylorsnan3

The usual advice is to deinstall the game closedown your PC and reinstal the game from your My Account tab Purchase History and restart under a new profile name. If that doesn't correct it you need to contact Customer Support with the details of the fault.

If you are a club member you can use Live Chat accessed through the My Account tab. The opening times are in BFG time which may not be the same as yours.

If not a game club member you can click on the green envelope then click on Contact Us at the bottom left of the page that comes up go to the form and fill it out and submit. Replies will go to your email. The first one is an automated response to let you know it has been received. Check your spam folder if not received within a few hours of submission of the form .

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Re:Margrave Manor

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Jun 24, 12 12:39 PM
Hi taylorsnan3,

I just wanted to add to lyrialice's great advice about trying to reinstall the game. (You can read more about how to do that in the help article here.)

Since something's going on with the display of the game, you might also try updating your graphics drivers, which we go over in the help article here.

But contacting Tech Support is also definitely a good idea, as lyrialice said.

Also, we do have a specific thread in the Margrave Manor 2: The Lost Ship Forum where we'd like to keep track of any technical issues that come up with that game. I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread and move it over to the game-specific Forum now to keep things tidy. But you're welcome to post in the game's technical thread here if you'd like.

I hope that helps!


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