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[Post New]by liamboy007 on Jun 24, 12 2:58 PM
I am 1 coin short on the bonus game..even went thru the strategy guide Any help from anyone?



[Post New]by judiemae on Nov 22, 12 8:07 AM
I am also 1 coin short and I have been over and over it and I can not find the 12th coin. Anyone out there who can help us.



[Post New]by judiemae on Nov 23, 12 10:02 AM
To liamboy007,

I found the 12th coin, finally after going over all of the strategy guide and everything and retracing my steps 4 or 5 times. Here is my run down of what I found.

1.There are three coins at the beginning of the game, one of a stump to the left of
the screen, one in the front yard, and one by the house entrance. For a total of
3 coins.
2. There is a coin by the feather in the diningroom-office combination on the first
floor go thru the door on your right and you will see a desk.
3. There is a coin in the typewriter on the desk.
4. There is a coin on the seance room on the table. Second floor.
5. Take the boards off the window with the crowbar and there is a coin on the
window sill.
6. There is a coin on the wharf post before you go to the island, where the
boat is.
7. There is a coin inside the tire in a hole in the basement.
8. There is a coin on one of the posts at the wharf on the island.
9. There is a coin in the secret room, off the seance room, you need the jack to
jack up the bed and take the red heart shaped box out and open it for the coin.
10. Cut the painting in the hall outside the seance room and there is another coin
that brings you to a total of 12 coins.

I hope this helps you solve what drove me crazy for a while. Good luck...judiemae

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