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Can someone who played comment on minigames/puzzles?

[Post New]by phatkhat on Jun 29, 12 1:02 PM
Is this more HOG or more mini/puzzle game? Is there any adventuring, or is it pretty much straight HOG with minis/puzzles?

I'm frankly sick to death of HOGs, and am not buying as many. If it's a good story, and has challenging puzzles/minigames/adventure elements, I'll put up with the HOG scenes, but I wish they had a skip button like the puzzles usually do!

I'm really happy to see more pure adventure lite games like City of Fools and Shabon.

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Re:Can someone who played comment on minigames/puzzles?

[Post New]by Janie42 on Jun 29, 12 3:35 PM
Hi khat,
Finished demo on advanced + replayed at work to get on a bit further. Reviewers saying game is "hos-after-hos" or straight hog are frankly either deeply mistaken or, more strongly, talking rubbish. (Maybe they played 5 minutes?)

Game is absolutely a core adventure game, like a regular i-hog but fewer hos & more adventuring than average. Hardly any hos, in fact, one per chapter basically. Not many puzzle-puzzles (maybe 10-15% max?) & balance @70% is standard adventuring, i.e., trying to figure out how to either use inventory objects for quests--or (sadly) for me, despite knowing what needs doing, figuring out how to do it the way the game wants us to! A challenge made unnecessarily difficult due to programming bugs & "messing around" (as Wolf notes ) with pixel hunts & touchy click spots happening for me on my pc. Maybe others will not face these difficulties?

I also met an outright bug that won't let me collect a needed stone thus am at standstill.

It's a shame the game suffers from technical execution, especially the need to double- or even triple-click items to get them to take. At least that's my experience, & as you know, I've an up-to-date high-end gaming machine, including a Razer mouse, so I almost never have any gameplay issues, lag, etc.

I liked the game's design & the strong effort put into story. Also, IMO localization is quite fine & indeed even charming. Comic storyboard btwn chapters is also typical for adventure games.

In short, though I love adventure (like you), gameplay mechanics & outright bugs take the fun out of this one. Agree 100% with the reviewer here who says the game needs to be pulled for a patch/rebuild to solve tech issues & especially to enlarge hot spots/click zones.

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