[iPhone] Cashier? Greeter? Tips's CD? Big Spender CD? Break Up CD?

[Post New]by NicholasLAranda on Jul 1, 12 11:17 PM
I was looking through the files in Sally's Studio and noticed that in the shop, there's some disabled "TipsCD" code.

What is this TipsCD, how does it work / what does it do, how do you unlock it, or if you are JailBroken, how do you enable it?

And this Cashier and Greeter: I'm guessing they are completely not in the iOS version because the game is touch?

If you CAN unlock them, how?

What do you get if you get everything? What is the Ultimate Prize?

*** UPDATE ***

I have found that the TipsCD is actually just the string name for the: "Big Spender CD", it's formal name.

I am still messing around to see how to enable this CD and the cashier and greeter.

*** UPDATE ***

I have now discovered a file called: breakupcd_01.xml

My educated guess is that this breaks up any paired characters, like hte wrestlers and the dancing couple.

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