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Hi everyone. This is my first post on this forum, but I've been a frequent lurker. I thought I'd give back for having gotten so many good hints here.

So anyway, I was able to finish all the levels with gold. Some general tips:

- Until you get the sprinklers, only plant as many plants at one time as the number of watering cans you have. This is very important because the plants really suffer if you can't keep them continuously hydrated.
- Once you have the sprinklers, install them as soon as you have enough money to plant tomatoes/peppers. This frees you up from having to water those finicky plants.
- Don't let the sheep even touch your plants - they'll kill off a harvest fast. If you're a fast clicker consider 'abandoning' a plant that's been touched by a sheep (no more watering,tilling etc) and planting afresh on an empty plot.
- Always plant the most expensive plant you can afford to.
- Sometimes it can pay off to wait for your truck to come back from the market so you have enough money to plant the higher level plants.
- Water and tools don't cost anything to apply, but the chemicals do. So don't use the chemicals unless you have to, In particular, there is no need to apply the pesticide or medicine to the tomatoes/peppers unless you have to (when the red cross shows up). Pesticide is expensive and you'll get a better yield by tilling and clipping instead.
- Try to avoid upgrading your processing machinery on the levels that have a money goal (though this is not a hard and fast rule).
- The UFO is your friend!

Some hints by plant:

- Sunflowers: You only need to water, till and fertilize them. The hydrolizer is not necessary. I can get a watering, tilling, fertilizer spray, and a second watering in before there's a harvest.
- Corn: You can do the same as with the sunflowers, though until you get the sprinklers in the hydrolizer does help a bit.
- Tomatoes and peppers: These the most persnickety plants. As I said above, you don't necessarily have to apply expensive pesticde, unless the red cross appears. I usually do water, till, clip, till, water. And the sprinklers really help with these plants.
- Cucumbers: These are rather easier to grow than the tomatoes and peppers. The most important thing to do with these is to till, till, till. Fertilizer does help though.

Hope that's helpful to someone!

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