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Level 7:6

[Post New]by Alyson123 on Jul 2, 12 4:26 AM
OK I'm back again. I have completed all levels and most secret stars. Just going back to tie up loose ends (stars!) I can complete this level and I can even see the secret star and occasionally grab it but there's no way back up so I figure I'm doing something wrong. I guess something will trigger the star to come back in to the field of play but I've tried everything I can think of. Please help.

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Re:Level 7:6

[Post New]by Ovogame on Jul 3, 12 12:07 AM
Hello Alyson.

Thanks a lot for your review
The secret star is activated by the switch situated at the bottom left part of the game area. There is a normal star very close to a green wall. When you are there, simply jump left to activate the switch. Then go back to the right and you'll see that a second star is now located near by the green wall.


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