Has anyone gotten through the bonus level

[Post New]by tailswhiskers on Jul 2, 12 6:23 AM
I made it to the bonus level and am having trouble getting through it. I started it this morning and failed the first level. I can't make the stuff any faster. The people can'y wait. What can I do? Does anyone have any suggestions.


Re:Has anyone gotten through the bonus level

[Post New]by Middlplay24 on Aug 19, 12 12:23 PM
I completed the whole game this morning, including the bonus. You have to be really quick!! I lost about 2 or 3 customers.
To do this I have the maximum upgrades of all the equipment.
I always start the day by making the burgers and the hot dogs, putting on the fries, corn and coffee. This will then give you half a chance of starting on a quick foot. If you are waiting for something to cook, i.e onions, mushrooms etc, you have got time to serve someone else with a simple order.
Dishing out the pretzels and drinks whilst waiting is also another good way of keeping them happy. Their happiness increases every time they are served an item of their order.
Make sure your customers are leaving the money.The majority on this level were walking away without payment and I had to click on them to get the money. The thief will also pop up a lot more, so watch him too.
I find the main trick is not to run out of food. Always keep a supply and even if you've got some left get cooking up more so you are fully stocked.
Make sure you try and get rid of the smelly customers quickly too as I found once they've gone, happiness of the other customers increase.
This is all about I have tip wise, I hope this helps.

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