Pressed shirt?

[Post New]by Mavery1228 on Jul 2, 12 9:11 AM
Having an incredible time in the game trying to press a shirt. Pick up the iron, put it on the shirt....nothin. Have used the hint 4 times and it just flits off in any different direction. Ironing is what I'm trying to avoid here, people. What's up with this? So frustrating!!!!

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Re:Pressed shirt?

[Post New]by Meandy40 on Jul 18, 12 12:42 PM
Don't know if you ever got it but all I did was pick up the iron and "touch" it to the shirt and the shirt then folded up and went to inventory. This game has sure given me a lot of headaches and I am having another problem so am getting ready to ask for help with the sledgehammer.

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