NOT cool devs!

[Post New]by OrionsRose on Jul 2, 12 10:31 PM
Yes, I realize this is rather late since the game came out quite some time ago but I didn't have internet and am only just getting around to playing it. Anyway, not the point...

I'm sitting here rather in shock at such a blatant slap-in-the-face to those gamers of faith.
I've only just started the game and was enjoying the various historical (and possibly mythical) ideas and articles and locations associated with some religions when after dusting off a plaque the main character (and not the bad guy even) says this:
"Some bla-bla-bla about miracles...The only thing useful is the date."
Are you kidding me? They couldn't have just said something like "oh this date might prove useful" they had to make a snide-type comment about miracles? Why choose this setting and these articles to make a game out of if you can't even be respectful about them or about your players who have meaningful connections to these places, things or ideas?

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