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Redirecting troops?

[Post New]by mythlady on Jul 6, 12 11:21 AM
I'm stuck on Forest Level 6, and part of the problem is that I don't know how to redirect troops. I send a bunch to take the castle, and before most of them get there, the castle is taken. Then, say, 50 troops arrive at the castle and I want to get them to go on to the watchtower. But what happens is that momentarily -- for a split second -- there are 50 soldiers in the castle, but then before I can refocus them on the watchtower, the number is down to 12 or something like that.

Is there a way to refocus them on another target? Also, why can't they fight with enemies on the road? The enemies just swarm through them and head for one of my houses or whatever.

I like this game and don't want to give up in frustration!


Re:Redirecting troops?

[Post New]by Gillesdegeus on Aug 14, 12 12:10 AM
What worked for me is:
- after taking the horse stable, immediately eliminate blue. Don't bother about the tower. Then wait until you have at least 60 troops and take the castle.
- by doping this fast green is not yet string enough tot take the castle from you.
Good luck!

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Re:Redirecting troops?

[Post New]by noyb on Jun 22, 13 3:01 PM
Hi there - the troops don't fight on the road - only in buildings - they pass each other harmlessly


Re:Redirecting troops?

[Post New]by bob9876543210 on Jul 24, 13 11:36 AM
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