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[Post New]by nickig83 on Jul 8, 12 2:55 AM
I finished all the levels with gold. The last level is really not that bad. The basic concept is work toward your 4x combos first.

Wait til the walrus makes all the food.
Then fill all tables, do not serve.
Once tables are full serve everyone. On combos of customers where one will be very unhappy if you give a dish one will love, go with a dish that will give you the 10 tips. This way there is no change on their moods.
If you have a line, seat who you can on the sofa or armchair, that way you fit more in the restaurant.
Wait till all are done eating.
Now combo the sushi. Then the books, four at a time. Then laptops, again four at a time. Now do all teas. Unfortunately you will never get a combo on the teas due to the capacity being only three.
Last do all origami.
Now start clicking on your karaoke singers. Two at a time til you are down to your last two. Leave them up there.
Collect all cash on tables. Then clean.
Repeat but this time once you seat who you can on the sofa and chair and the line builds back up. Click on the two singers you left to make those in line happy.

This should get you to gold in no time. I did this level twice only because I did not get my combos the first time.

Good Luck Everyone!

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