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Demo before U Buy Dont buy if it lags like mine lol

[Post New]by Peace1369 on Jul 8, 12 8:24 PM
I love these games. I just replayed RoR2 and RoR 3 so decided to redo this one too. Just remembered why I haven't. I was hoping by now they would have it fixed. Everytime the snow and rain come on my game shuts down nothing moves but the timer. I am one who goes for the gold but with the freeze outs from the weather it makes it very very annoying. I know I can still beat it butttttttttttt having it freeze everytime the weather comes on makes it to much of a hassle to ever replay this game. I would have thought they would fix it. They did on Roads of Rome 2 and 3 I have no problem at all with RoR 2 and the weather.

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