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awful game

[Post New]by woemwoem on Jul 10, 12 11:17 AM
This was the worst game I ever purchased from Big Fish! UGH!

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Re:awful game

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Jul 10, 12 11:43 AM
Hi woemwoem,

Thanks for your feedback on Howlville: The Dark Past! I wanted to swim by and let you know about a couple threads where you can share your opinion on the game:

Reviews for Howlville: The Dark Past

Comments for Howlville: The Dark Past

The reviews thread is a great place to share what you specifically liked or disliked about the game, and it lets other Fishies know what to expect before playing it.

The comments thread is a place where you can talk with other Fishies who have played the game. Some topics might include characters, specific scenes, and anything else related to the game.

To keep things tidy, I'll be locking this thread, but please feel free to re-post your comments in one of those discussions. Thanks!


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