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[Post New]by sewbizzy on Jul 10, 12 11:44 AM
There are multiple threads on this forum where players have asked why they cannot play for the stagecoach, train or riverboat.

In the past, I've tried to help these players, but they come back to say that it doesn't matter, they still cannot play for the train, etc.

Today, playing with a new persona, I attempted to play for the stagecoach, but was only playing it finally dawned on me as to what is happening when players have difficulty with this... so here's the explanation (and my apologies if this gets long).

In order to play for the stagecoach, you MUST be wearing the hat you wear for YELLOW STAR games and you MUST get on the stagecoach in a YELLOW town (Fort Stockton, I believe). If the guy who sells you a ticket says you'll have the opportunity to play to own the stagecoach, then you're in the right place. If he JUST asks you to buy a ticket, you can play poker, but you will NOT be playing for ownership of the stagecoach.

The same goes for the train and the riverboat. You must be wearing the respective hat color for that mode of transportation (whatever color star got you the opportunity) and you must purchase the ticket to ride the transportation in the appropriate colored town. And, to be sure you'll play for ownership (and not just play poker) the ticket seller will tell you that you'll have the opportunity to play for ownership of the transportation. If he does not, you aren't wearing the right color hat and you aren't in the right town.

I discovered this because I switched to an orange hat and was playing poker in an orange town and then got on the stagecoach expecting to play for ownership, (as I lost - oops - the first attempt to play for ownership) ...but instead, I just played poker (4 opponents, but the dollar value was lower).

So that's the answer...the following THREE things are musts for playing for ownership of transportation in the game: #1 - you must have won the star. #2 - you must be wearing the appropriate hat color (same color as the star) and #3 - you must purchase the ticket to ride the transportation in the appropriate color town (same color as the star).

I hope that info helps...

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