Can Ruin be fixed for lefties?

[Post New]by TopazMystique on Jul 11, 12 3:20 PM
I just demoed Ruin and Experiment and am thoroughly intrigued with these two Ede Tarsoly games. Unfortunately of the two, Ruin is hard-coded for a right-handed mouse. Is there any chance that it would be reprogrammed for us lefties? If so, I would love to redemo it with a proper leftie mouse. THANKS!

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Re:Can Ruin be fixed for lefties?

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Jul 11, 12 3:58 PM
HI TopazMystique,

I'm glad to hear you liked the games! But I'm sorry that it was difficult to play as a leftie. I can definitely pass that feedback along. Thanks for that comment

If you can, I would definitely encourage writing a review in the reviews thread for the game here which can also include that information:


Or even on the game page here:

Ruin Game page

The reason why is the developers may or may not see your comment here in a separate thread, but we are able to send the review threads and the game page reviews for them so they will definitely see the feedback there.

In addition to that it helps other Fishies decide if they'd like to buy a game or not.

Thank you your feedback again, and I hope we can get more great games like this to you.



Re:Can Ruin be fixed for lefties?

[Post New]by TopazMystique on Jul 11, 12 5:57 PM
Thanks for the info, bfgCimarron! I know that sometimes the developers drop in but thought that since the game has been here for awhile that maybe they wouldn't be checking the forum pages now. I will be sure to put it in one of the links you provided. Thanks again!

ETA: Posted in the first link!

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