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day 21 not perfect?!?!? not working?!???

[Post New]by Minuet888 on Jul 12, 12 8:22 PM
I have a 5 on every single level....exccept this one and I just don't get it.
I do everything perfect. All of my food that I put out is 5 stars, nothing is burnt yet the fire level stays right in the middle. I noticed in the dining room when he serves food or takes an order and the silver stream that usually "cools" the fire level isn't colling it at all.
It goes to the fire level but doesn't do anything at all!

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Re:day 21 not perfect?!?!? not working?!???

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Jul 15, 12 7:20 AM
Hi Minuet888,

Are there any other requirements for that level that you may be missing?

I'm afraid I haven't played this game so I am not too sure on why your stars are not registering, if your food is up to scratch!

I will also link to a thread below that provides some great hints and tips you can use to improve how you play:

Hints and tips for Hell's Kitchen.

Best of luck!


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