Samantha Swift and the Hidden roses of Athena

[Post New]by mikejj on Jul 13, 12 8:47 AM
I am enjoying the game but am stuck. I have got all the way to Tibet.I have reached the part which shows 3 boards behind which are 3 spinning glasses. down below are 3 pots of paint. I have a paint brush in my tools which I have used and moved down to the middle row. I am now told to alter the code to turn the glasses green to proceed. However nothing moves . The brush cant be picked up. please help.


Re:Samantha Swift and the Hidden roses of Athena

[Post New]by Silenka on Oct 23, 12 4:39 PM
paint them all one color rhan see which pot turns color. next time paint remaining 3 a diff color and remember which turns green, so now you have 2 colors you know you have and do the samefor the 3rd row and as long as the jar turns green you know the color you painted it is correct.

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