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Completed Game

[Post New]by grouchypants on Jul 13, 12 12:06 PM
Cant believeit. But I made it thru the whole game. Took about 6 hrs for level 239.Took about 4 hours for 247 I think.. Now I need another good Match 3. Any suggestions?? I like timed.

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Re:Completed Game

[Post New]by Larissa_Jane on Dec 8, 13 2:50 PM
me too!!
but it took me several sessions and many, many hours!!
worth it.


Re:Completed Game

[Post New]by laliweeta2 on Dec 10, 13 1:00 PM
I am on third time around on the Relaxed Mode, and have reached level 275, score 312,455 but I did not "build" any city. I just play for fun and want to see how far it goes if I don't build. Love the game easy to play and watch television programs too.I don't have a record of hours, I just play whenever specially being shut in during these winter days.

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