Pipe for the Greek Baths

[Post New]by CashsMaMaKat on Jul 14, 12 9:59 PM
I cannot find another pipe, The pipe I found in the turbines went for the water connection game, and now I need a pipe to connect to fill the Greek baths, I cannot find another pipe. Where and how is it hiding.or was I supposed to get it back after the game or what? I've got everything else done on the first level, must have pipe to finish without re-doing the whole thing again.OH, {puleeese don't make me do that again!!??)

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Re:Pipe for the Greek Baths

[Post New]by mdblocher on Jun 29, 13 6:24 PM
It's called a trough.
You get it by taking a hammer to the back wall in a previous scene.

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