[Post New]by didyuc on Jul 15, 12 12:16 PM
I am playing this game and the area where I can close or X out the document is frozen. I cannot go any further because it will not close r X out.

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[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Jul 15, 12 2:13 PM
Hi didyuc,

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If the game is freezing and not letting you x out of the document, I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. This won't lose your place in the game, but can help if the game isn't responding as it should. (And if you click the blue text it will take you to more information on how to do this).

However, if you try this and the game keeps freezing, I would definitely get in contact with our Customer Support department and one of our reps would be happy to take a closer look with you:

How to get in contact with Customer Support

In the meantime, to keep new threads open for specific game play questions, I'm locking this thread now. If you run into any more issues like this, I would also get in contact with support again. Or I would post in the technical issues thread for the game here:

Post any Howlville: The Dark Past technical issues here only

As this will help us keep better track of any issues. Don't hesitate to PM a Moderator if you have any questions as well. Thank you!


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