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[Post New]by MEnr56 on Jul 15, 12 6:59 PM

After returning to my desk from putting the out, I was stunned to see dialogue box claiming that I'd failed Level 99; I KNEW and could see that in fact, I had SUCCESSFULLY completed said level within the time frame allotted.

Within the dialogue box, there are 3 ways to continue -- Go to Map, Retry, and Quit.

FORTUNATELY, I clicked the "go to map" choice and the game took me directly to the final level's dialogue. This was the only level that this incident occurred as the other levels prior I HAD failed. My point being that IF you run into this problem, click the "go to map" choice rather than the retry and see what happens.

I also learned that once you've successfully found the key and it unlocked the door, there's NO NEED to open up the other treasure chests that might be available. Doing this helped me to successfully complete a couple of levels that I was finding difficult or could've become difficult if I had headed for the "wrong" treasure chest.

Also, make sure that you're headed for the right spot; I landed on a treasure chest and got monies BUT instead of heading for the 2nd treasure chest, I inadvertently headed for the locked door and WASTED alot of time in doing so and couldn't recover the time loss when going for the ACTUAL treasure chest; silly me.

Below I've copied and pasted a comment that another member made concerning Level 100 that I think would've been helpful to me (had I needed to come to the forum for any tips) but at the last minute, I was able to successfully beat the bad guy within the allotted time frame.

Re:Level 100

[Post New]by anpd on Sep 18, 11 2:26 PM
The boss in level 100 is defeated in the same way as the other enemies. He teleports every 5 swaps so try to move to the middle and wait for him to teleport and then try to move on top of him. If it's to hard try saving some power-ups and use them as well to get closer. Good luck

Hope my comments and anpd's comment will be helpful to you.


BTW, I'd completely forgotten that there were other power-ups available and I was able to successfully complete this game in timed mode just using the hammer; one might, however, want to use another power-up for Level 84.

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