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Gold all over except for level 22

[Post New]by tatajojo on Jul 18, 12 4:18 AM
Frustration is at its peak!Whatever spoiler, whatever advice, whatever walkthrough on you tube, whatever steady hand....I just cannot reach gold on level 22, my best time is 1:31 and I need 1:29 to get it.
I would welcome people with advice which don't involve clicking at the speed of light as I have many talents but will never be Wonder Woman.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re:Gold all over except for level 22

[Post New]by atmmts on Jul 18, 12 9:34 AM
Thread below yours has several suggestions. Also go to "YT" and check out vid for The Gnome's Tale that is 1:55 mins long. It doesn't say it's for lvl. 22 in title, but it is. It has ~90 views as of this minute. It took the player exactly 1:29 to do it - no mercy on this lvl., for sure. Trick seems to be to not let the gnomes backtrack at all. Good Luck!

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