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Totally stuck on stage 19

[Post New]by Catsnkites on Jul 18, 12 10:37 AM
I give up ... i can't make gold on Stage 19 no matter how many ways I try ... I'm always many bamboos short and no where near enough money for the sheep.


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Re:Totally stuck on stage 19

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Jul 18, 12 11:46 AM

For this one it pays to keep it simple.

Keep making and selling wool.

Buy a spool machine ASAP and then another.

Update your grass and then buy your third spool machine and a storage.

Then keep buying sheep until you have ten, selling spools and excess wool.

Only when you have well over excess of $4000 and a load of grass update your corn plant.

Now planting corn x2 at a time in what ever you can afford AND processing wool and selling spools and excess wool, keeping your grass supply up too.

I finished in 6.37 / 8.00.

(PS you have to delete the machines already there, they are a distraction. I kept the chickens for a while as eggs = $$$$ )

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Re:Totally stuck on stage 19

[Post New]by Catsnkites on Jul 18, 12 12:46 PM

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Re:Totally stuck on stage 19

[Post New]by RainCat on Jul 30, 12 8:34 PM
I did this with NO MACHINES at all.

I just collected and sold wool (not thread)

I used the profit to plant grass (only grass) and bought more sheep and one grass upgrade.

I also bought a hedgehog.

I continued to sell wool as I got it in. (Also eggs, but eventually I got tired of the eggs and sold the chickens too).

Only after I had all 10 sheep did I start planting bamboo. I alternated grass and bamboo until I had enough to buy 1 bamboo upgrade.

Then I continued with splitting grass and bamboo until I had the 40 bamboo.

I also bought 1 extra storage of 10 towards, although I am not sure I ever used it.

I finished with over a minute to spare.


Re:Totally stuck on stage 19

[Post New]by Ceepia on Jun 4, 13 6:40 AM
Thanks you all you peeps who share your solutions. You have inspired me to place my first ever post to give my contribution.
Obviously many ways to the same solution. I also finished with about 1 min to spare, but I utilised the existing machines.
Initially I planted grass and sold wool until I could upgrade the grass and the wheat, while collecting the eggs. I then upgraded the flour and placed an extra storage in the spare slot. I alternated between planting grass and wheat while upgrading storage as needed.
As I processed the flour, I was also using both pasta machines using the stored eggs. All the time I was selling both the pasta and the wool.
As my money mounted, I bought additional sheep. stopped making pasta, sold the chooks and continued selling wool.
I then upgraded the bamboo and planted it together with the grass until I reached my quota of both bamboo and sheep.

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