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Tips and Tricks for The Pini Society

[Post New]by bfgBering on Feb 5, 09 9:47 AM
Utilize the power-ups: Since you’ll often find yourself clicking frantically to get through each level, be sure to keep your eye on the power-up bar at the bottom of the screen. Properly using the power-ups will get you additional time, additional points and more.

Use your work area: To the left of the mosaic screen is a work area where you can assemble patterns before laying them down on the mosaic. The more tiles you lay down at once, the more points you get. This is key in levels where you just don’t have enough time to complete the board and must reach the goal score instead!

Adjust the game settings: If you don’t enjoy being told to “hurry up” when you’re running low on time but would still like to listen to the background music, you can lower just the in-game sound. Also, playing the game in windowed mode helps with fast-clicking and also makes it easier to see the mosaic board as a whole. Both of these settings can be changed in “Options” in either the in-game or main menu.

These are just a few ideas to help you out when playing The Pini Society. Feel free to post your own!


Re:Tips and Tricks for The Pini Society

[Post New]by Rapsqueak on Feb 16, 09 2:30 PM
Thanks for the tips, but I am on about level 10 (ish) hard to tell with no level names/numbers, and I have tried everything, I cant start off with any extra points as the previous mini level is rubbish and making astrogical star signs doesnt work, I have managed to make a couple of them and it does nothing so I quit. This is no fun anymore, I have played this level for approximately 15 hours, on and off and want my money back !!

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