Help I just don't understand this game!

[Post New]by spankybusterlong on Jul 18, 12 4:03 PM
I played Fishdom and understand that but this match 3 is so confusing that I am about to delete it and go to another match 3.

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Re:Help I just don't understand this game!

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Aug 5, 12 7:49 AM
Welcome to the pond, spankybusterlong

Dreams of a Geisha has 4 different styles of M3 play:

swap--clicking on adjacent items causes them to switch places if a match of 3 or more results
chain (also known as chain to match)--you find a linked chain of the same things and drag the cursor over them to clear them
pop--you click on a cluster of 3 or more of the same items that are grouped together to clear them together
token in hand (I forgot what this is called in the game itself)--your cursor has an object attached to it and you have to find a matching pair like it on the board to put the object next to for a match. Then your cursor picks up whatever object you clicked on when you placed the first piece and you have to look for a pair of that new item.

Each of the 4 temples has one of these M3 styles to play in. The arrows at the top corners rotate the board 90 degrees when clicked on so you can find matches and/or rearrange the objects a little if needed. Right clicking will also rotate the board.

Every individual game board has 2 parts. The first portion is the M3 part. The second one is the keys/locks puzzle in which you move the keys around on the glowing path by shuffling the objects around them and rotating the board until the keys drop into the trunks at the end of the path. It's been a while since I played, so I can't remember if the keys fall in automatically when they reach a trunk or if you have to drag them in. Anyway, hope that helps.

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