Spoiler for Level 26

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on Jul 18, 12 11:38 PM
Finally got it with a time of 9:39 and it wasn't even that hard once I figured out the Right Strategy

Beans are the key to getting lots of sheep fast

Planted as many beans as money would allow and filled rest with grass for jump start on sheep.

I only purchased 1 storage and upgraded it to 70
Continue to sell beans and repeat until all plots are filled with beans. As soon as you sell the 18+ I purchased 5 sheep and 2 collectors

I kepy 3 spinners and purchased 1 fabbric x3 and continued to make lots of fabric beans and thread then delete 1 spinner and replace with 1 cloth x3

by this time you should have way over the needed materials so I then sold all but 1 sheep for just in case of emergency and replaced all unneed machines with flute machines x3

Hope this makes sense and good luck

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Re:Spoiler for Level 26: where are beans on 26???

[Post New]by Beckylou on Jul 23, 12 9:20 PM
I am confused...I don't see any beans on level 26,,am I missing something? I'm struggling with this level and sort of feel like I'm missing the boat anyway but I looked again after reading your post, and can't find any beans to grow.

Never mind, I think what i'm calling corn is what you're calling beans Thanks anyhow

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Re:Spoiler for Level 26

[Post New]by ladycrash1022 on Jul 26, 12 2:32 PM
I thought the "beans" referred to the bamboo since they look similar to a green bean. But maybe I'm incorrect on that.


Re:Spoiler for Level 26

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on Jul 27, 12 12:40 AM
Yes when I wrote these earlier spoilers I was guessing at what the pics were (I have poor eyesight) then weralacroix (one of the developers of the game) told me the pictures names were listed on the sell side so they became BAMBOO lol

hope this explains the confustion


Re:Spoiler for Level 26

[Post New]by NooNoo91 on Apr 14, 13 10:27 AM
18+ as in 18k+?

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