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[Post New]by MEnr56 on Jul 19, 12 10:31 AM

Okay, I have to say that I am TOTALLY CONFUSED. I played the bonus chapter to this game and am thinking that what happened to the research woman would be the woman crying in the attic when I got there BUT lo and behold, it's Lillian!!! HUH???? I just sent her on her merry way with the groom so how in the world can she be shackled in the attic?

There was NO explanation of how she got there from where I left her and NO INDICATION in the regular game play that something MIGHT have gone awry when I left her and her groom in the chapel.

Someone have an idea of an explanation? I have to say that I found myself quite annoyed to see Lillian shackled in the attic and not the research woman.


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[Post New]by fuzzybug on Jul 20, 12 6:42 AM
Hi MEnr56

The bonus content is like a prequel set 50 years before the events of the main game. Hence the jeep crashed into the tree in the main game was actually done by the player in the prequel if that makes sense. There's a few other nods to the main game in the bonus content as well.

The researcher turns out to be the body in the hut. You helped Lillian escape from the attic and she spends the next 50 years running from Neville until the plane crash where you help her reunite with Angus.

I think it needed a heading to set the time and place at the beginning of the bonus content. Sorry about that.

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