level 43

[Post New]by volante2007 on Jul 20, 12 3:48 AM
Can anybody help please?

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[Post New]by ricoblade on Jul 21, 12 1:16 AM
Hi - I think there are several ways to do this one (have you seen this thread: http://forums.bigfishgames.com/posts/list/208460.page) but my way is:

To get the 40,000 Daily Income and 200 Happiness build 3, 3* Villas, 1, non-upgraded Villa and 2 Pools with Events

To get the 60 Eco build a Pond and a Shrub

Start by repairing the Villa, getting 1000 Wood then build another Villa

Build a Pond

Build a third Villa

When you've got 3000 Gold get 600 Seeds, build a Shrub and demolish the Greenhouse

Build a fourth Villa

Start increasing your workforce up to 9

Upgrade 3 of the Villas to 3* and buy all the Cars

Build one of the the Bridges and start Hosting Events at the Pool

When you've got 2000 Wood, demolish the Factory, build a Pool and Host an Event at it

Hope that helps!

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Re:level 43

[Post New]by mitupogo on Jul 23, 14 9:21 PM
Wow! Finally, and Thanks for this method.

What finally worked for me was, believe it or not...

I didn't repair the broken villa until I built 2 new villas. Built the first new villa with the 1000 units you start with while making 1000 in the factory. Then while building the 2nd villa, you collect from the first villa which gives you enough for 500 materials. Do that with the lone guy and repair the broken villa.

I ended up with 9 workers. 2 villas at 3 stars, 1 villa at 2 stars, all cars, a tree, 2 pools. Then took the factory down and built a villa while operating events at the pools.


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